How to Make Money Writing? — Arohan

Shailesh Kumar
7 min readDec 21, 2019

I love writing and the idea that I can be writing for money defied credulity at first. I knew there were professional journalists, and there were authors on wide variety of topics, both fiction and non-fiction, but surely they had that little something that I didn’t have!

Perhaps you have had the same thought.

I am here to not only tell you that it is possible to make money writing, but I will also show you how to make money writing.

So grab a coffee or two and let’s dig in.

Writing for Passive Income

Picture your idyllic life. You wake up lazily in the morning after getting all of your 40 winks. You then proceed to the little coffee nook in your kitchen and brew your morning cup. As you sip your coffee, you review what is important to you in your day today — perhaps you need to catch up with a friend, or plan for your next trip with the family, or whatever. You have finally managed to slow down your day enough that you can stop to smell the coffee and ruminate.

Later you will ride your bike to the local coffee shop and write for a few hours. On your way back you pick up the mail and there are a few checks waiting for you for your earlier written work. Things you wrote in the past now earn you a good income today without you having to do much more. You make a note to deposit them tomorrow.

All this is possible because you listened to your calling and started writing. The money follows, if you have the passion and you keep on going.

The Chicken and Egg Problem of Writing

Your writing will do well if you have an audience ready to consume it. However, you won’t have an audience until you write. The first few pieces you write will barely be read. It is very easy to get discouraged at this stage and give up.

I wrote a post on building business momentum sometime ago. The premise applies to writing. Accept that the beginiing will be slow, and it will often feel like you are not making a ripple in the universe, but if you persist, very soon you will have 1 reader, then 2, then 100 and later 1000s. A persistent and consistent effort, sustained for a long time, will build your audience and generate the…